About Us

About Us


The company was founded in 1945. As supervisor for roads based in Pristine. Year 1948. The company transforms in to a technical section for roads, and in year 1962. In to a company for roads. During year 1975. Company transforms in to a Working organization “PUT” witch had in her composition three primary organizations: OOUR construction, OOUR maintenance and OOUR common affairs. Year 1990. OOUR maintenance transforms in to a company for maintaining main and regional roads of AP Kosovo and Metohja. As a copartnership of joint ownership specialized in maintaining , preservation and protection main and regional roads of AP Kosovo and Metohija “Magistrala” Pristine, registers in  District Commercial Court in Pristine on December year 1992. October year 1999. Company due to generally known events in AP Kosovo and Metohja changes its headquarters from Pristine to Belgrade, and registers in District Commercial Court in Belgrade. April year 2003. Company performs adjustment and harmonization with the law on Companies, and changes the name of the firm to Company for maintaining and construction of roads “Magistrala” Joint Stock Company Belgrade and with that name it registeres in District Commercial Court in Belgrade.

Main activity of the Company is maintaining and construction of roads, airport runways and sports fields. Shorter description of summer maintenance is installation of asphalt mass , marking of horizontal traffic signalization, installation of vertical traffic signalization, reconstruction and repairing of roads, and preparatory earthworks that is digging, filling, leveling of terrain, removal of rocks and stones, and other drainage works. Short description of maintenance during winter is removal of snow and ice from the roads and spreading salt and “rizla” on the roads.



With 119 employees with modern machinery and equipment, with enough professional knowledge and experience and also good organization of work Company successfully performs most complex works on maintaining, construction, reconstruction and recovery of roads, streets and other traffic objects during the whole year.


Mechanization and equipment

In carrying out its activities Company AD “Magistrala” from Belgrade uses new and modern production equipment and it has business cooperation with a large number of companies with same or similar profile. Primary goal in further development of the company  is expanding cooperation with existing businesses partners with further progress, conquering new markets positions trough acquiring of new partners and all that with high quality of our products/services and constantly keeping up with the technical and technological development.


Certificate of Quality

Basis of business policy of Company AD “Magistrala” Belgrade, presents a policy of quality and guarantee of existing market position, but also further development and advancement. Company AD “Magistrala” Belgrade received a certificate for quality JUS ISO 9001.